LadaTravel LLC

Your Up-Scale Luxury Family, Adult Only, Honeymoon, and Destination Wedding Specialist!

When you’re looking to make your travel dreams come true there’s no better choice than LadaTravel.  We’ll work with you one-on-one to build the trip you’ve always wanted to take, or we’ll suggest fabulous ideas if you’re not sure what you’d like you next vacation to be.  Looking to relax and do nothing but enjoy gorgeous scenery? we can help you do that.  Looking for exciting, big city stimulation and wan to be busy all day? We can arrange that too.  It’s all about you at LadaTravel.  Our aim is to create a vacation experience that is fully customized fo you.  We want you to feel like you planned your drip yourself but with none of the hassle or effort.

Our company was founded because of our passion for travel and extensive travel  experience. We has helped  clients, friends and family create vacations of their dream for many years.  Clients are given the highest level of service including follow up before vacation, reminder of flight check in times, what to pack and take for a trip and answer all questions at every stage of a vacation experience. We believe in taking care of our clients from the first phone call until their next trip with us. At LadaTravel we believe everyone is unique and one size fits all travel may not work for you. We will customize your travel and make everything possible for you from your travel bucket list / dream list.

We don’t believe in pre-packaged vacation.  Everyone is different, and everyone has their own definition of what it means to “take a vacation” from everyday life.  We don’t tell you where to go, what to find the best deals. What’s you do when you get there… well, that’s up to you.

Contact us immediately to begin planning your vacation 800-541-1241!


At LadaTravel, you never have to worry about the basics.  We’re fully licensed and insured.  We speak several languages so we can work with vendors around the World.  What sets us apart is our experience and the relationships we’ve established across the industry.  We strive to find the most unique and authentic lodging and activities everywhere we go that our clients can get a true taste of the communities they visit.